Buddy Bag Program

Helping Feed the Students of New Haven, Mo


Buddy Bag info: 

Buddy Bag backpack meal program is an outreach ministry of the More Th>n youth group that helps provide meals for Children of the New Haven School District who are not getting the needed food on the weekend. The Buddy Bag program is a partnership between the More Th>n youth group and New Haven Elementary School.

How the Buddy Bag program works: 

New Haven Elementary School teachers and counselors recommend students, who show a need for weekend supplementation, to the elementary school Principal. The Principal passes on only a number to the More Th>n youth group, who purchase the food and packs it into bags. Bags are delivered to New Haven Elementary School on Thursday morning. Thursday afternoon and Friday morning teacher retrieve bags from the Principal and secretly place the bags in student backpacks when the class is not in the classroom. Every effort is made to keep the student participation secret.

Buddy Bags contain:

2 Breakfast items

2 Lunch items

Fruit cup

Vegetable cup

Some snacks items.

Buddy Bags Cost (2019-20): 


Number of Students : 41

Weeks Covered: 39

Cost per student per weekend: $5

Cost per weekend:  $205

Cost for 2017-18:     $7,995

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