This is definitely a story of Christ bringing together people from around the globe to do amazing works for God’s glory.  This is not a story of Mustapha or anyone in the states but “His-Story” of amazing grace.  We pray you catch the vision of what God has done and continues to do in Ghana, West Africa.

Pastor Joe and Mustapha met in January of 2001 in Accra, the capital of Ghana.  Muss was one of the drivers for the team coming from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Muss was a recent graduate from the Ghana Baptist Seminary who was hired to help transport the team.  During the next week Muss and Joe developed a friendship that has grown into a ministry that has transformed thousands of lives with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

Mustapha came to the States for the first time in the fall of 2001.  Through the efforts of Pastor Joe and the Lorimer’s in Louisville, Ky, Mustapha started out visiting a few churches in Louisville and around Dahlgren, IL where Pastor Joe was the minister.  In the early days we used poster board and pictures to share the need and vision of God to reach the people in the Northern Region of Ghana.  There were many cultural challeges and financial challenges that God saw us through.  

Today Mustapha is based out of the Northeastern Region of Ghana where over 1,000 churches have been started.  Thousands upon thousands of people have come to know Christ.  A Christian School has been established with over 600 students in attendance.  Mustpaha partners with churches and orgainizations in several states and cities throughout the USA.  His vision has now expanded past the borders of Ghana into the neigboring countries of West Africa.  This is a ministry that produces fruit for God’s Kingdom, and if you partner with us, you will be blessed.  

Today Care4Ghana partners in three ways.  We prayerfully support the work financially as God gives us the funds.  We also help plant churches and train the workers on our trips into Ghana.  The medical arm of caring for the people near Yendi has exploded with volunteers.  

The first medical trip was in 2008 when an ER physician with a team of nurses and volunteers traveled to do exmainiations and physical care as needed.  This team was lead by  Pastor Joe, Pastor Lee Whitley of Fatih Baptist and Dr Shutt of Wasthington.  For 5 days we traveled to a different village each day providing care to people who have never had the opportunity to see a doctor.  We worked in these remote villages from sun up to sun down taking care of as many people as possible.  When the sun started to set we had to move trough the crowd of people looking for those that were the sickest in order to give them care.  

After this first medical trip, and seeing an even greater need, Steve Miller started a conversation with Dena Kruse about doing a surgical trip.  This thought started on the plane ride home and was in motion by time the plan landed.  Steve and Dena approached Pastor Joe with the thought of having a surgical trip next time.  Pastor Joe’s response was very short, “you have to first find a surgeon,”  really assuming this was the end of that story.

However, God already had allowed a relationship to develop between Steve and Dr. Jon.  In a few months we had a meeting to explore the posibilities.  You talk about driffting out in faith!  Pastor Joe has a MDiv not an MD.  So, needless to say he had no idea where to even start, but Steve and Dena got a team together.  It was very exciting to see God bring the medical personnel together under the leadership of Drs. Jon and Patti Limpert.  God did not send us a surgeon but a surgical team who loves the Lord.  

Over the next year we raised money and gathered supplies for an adventure of uncertainty.  We had to ship supplies in advance! We needed money for a container, for supplies, for shipping and for customs in Ghana.  God continued to place the people and pieces together both here in the USA as well as in Ghana.  The frist trip was a success!  

In December 2017- January 2018 we will be take our thrid medical trip.  We will be working in the villages as well as in the Yendi Hospital.  There are now a team of eight doctors and many nurses as well as other skilled medical professionals.  The team heading out at the end of this year has 50 people committed to do the work.  All of this to share the amazing love of our awesome God.