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Upward Sports, an international non-profit children’s sports organization, offers a break from the norm of daily sports programs and builds leagues that ensure that every child is a winner.

“Giving children the opportunity to learn and grow through participating in games they love is one of the most rewarding aspects of this program,” said Caz McCaslin, founder and president of Upward Unlimited.  “The primary focus of Upward is to develop the winner in every child, not just a select few.”

Unlike traditional sports programs, Upward programs are structured so children participate in practices and games and play without league standings. Characteristics such as sportsmanship, kindness and character are valued as winning qualities. Coaches primarily focus on ministering to children and their families.  Teams are arranged in a substitution system where all players are allowed equal playing time and equal opportunity for improvement.

To further the “Every Child Is A Winner” philosophy, Upward coaches encourage each player with a game-day star award following each game that builds self-esteem and team spirit.  For example, a red star stands for best defense.  Additionally, instead of focusing on a win/lose strategy, importance is shifted to the attitudes and efforts of each child on the team.

Upward also operates on a one practice, one game a week agenda in an effort to maximize the family schedule, allowing participants to spend more time tending to other family activities.  When a new league is formed, the Upward church provides coaches and volunteers with skills, drills and practice outlines.  Coaches are also prepared with guides containing a scripture learning verse and devotions for practices and games.  In addition, the referee will lead all sports teams in prayer in the center of the field or court at the beginning of each game.

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