Sunday Night Summer Study 2015

Sunday Night Summer Study 2015


What does it mean to be a Christian? Ask 100 people that question and you are likely to get 100 different answers. In Christian, pastor and bestselling author Andy Stanley explores the one word that Jesus gave his followers that should define them.


Sunday Nights Starting June 7th.

Starts at 6:45pm with snacks

7pm service begins

Bring your whole family to this causal time of fellowship, food and deeper study into what it means to be a Christian.

Romans 6:6

Bible Reading

Romans 6:6 Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin


As we read and meditate on this verse this week, notice the first phrase.  “Knowing this” – Knowing who we are in Christ is a powerful thing.  It builds our faith and strengthens our life as we live in the Spirit.  Ignorance brings fear, and hesitation to do the actions that we know are right.  Learning about the ways of God and growing in the Spirit of God brings us power.  I hope you know you are free from the power of sin!

Journey To Cross

Journey To Cross


Come Experience why Jesus came, died and arose again to life through a Journey from creation to the Cross

In a change from previous years, the Journey to the Cross will be a dinner theater stage production.


Doors Open at 6pm

Dinner Service starts at 6:15pm

Production starts 7pm


Dinner Menu: Fish, Pasta, Sides

and a Dessert at Intermission.

($3 suggested donation)

Romans 5:8

Bible Reading

Many of you may know it, but I hope we all meditate on this verse throughout the week.

Romans 5:8 – But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.


The word in the KJV is commendeth.  Other words are exhibited, showed, demonstrated.  The word commendeth- to trust or commit His love to us.  You see it is not just a demonstration, but a commitment of God’s deep love for us.  There is no end to God’s amazing love!


Think on that as we read this verse a few times each morning and evening so we will have it memorized by the end of our week.

Romans 5:8

Bible Reading

Are you saying your memory verse?  Romans 5:8

Think about the awesome thought of God, in the image of man, dying for you and me.  This amazing trust of His love changes everything if we will receive it.


Memorizing and meditating on God’s word is an important part of the Christian walk.

Romans 5:8

Bible Reading

Romans 5:8  But God _________________  His _________  toward us, in that

While we were yet sinners,

Christ died for us.


Think of the second phrase, while we were sinners.  God saw everything we did wrong.  Every bad thought and action.  God looked into our life and our ugliness and was disgusted by our sin.  Yet God showed an everlasting love that is unbreakable.  God saw nothing good in us other than what God could do for us, and in us.  This is the reason God’s love is so very amazing.  God takes us, dead in our sins, and gives us life.  God removes our unrighteousness, and covers us with His righteousness.


Think on this verse today and how blessed you are to know God loves you and died for every one of those sins you’re thinking about right now.


Continue to read the verse and say it, even out loud each morning and evening. 

Changes in the Daily Bible Reading

Bible Reading

March 23rd, we are going to change from daily reading to a verse of the week.  I pray you will continue to read, and I know many of you are reading many chapters per day.  But we will have our first verse in the bulletin on Sunday, March 22nd(Click here to view bulletin)  Then through the week we will meditate on this verse and memorize it together.  How wonderful will it be for us to place God’s Word in our hearts each week.  I will share thoughts on this verse with helps to internalize the word and ways to make it applicable in life.  How cool will it be to have 50 new verses, or to refresh some old verses each year.  We will live as a stronger people knowing God’s Word.


Thanks for your prayers and support, they were felt as I taught and preached God’s Word.

It is an honor and privilege to serve you as your Pastor.


For God’s Glory,

Pastor Joe Nogalski

Exodus 27-33

Bible Reading

I was blessed that we were able to have services on Sunday morning.  It was great to be with the church family before I left for Ghana.  You all are a blessing to Pastor and serve. Because of my trip, and being in, and out of any network service for the next 12 days, I am asking you to send me a two or three line thoughts on our reading for each day.

Monday read Exodus 27

Tuesday read Exodus 28

Wednesday— I am sure you can follow this pattern.

Now we only read one chapter on the weekend so next Monday we will be reading Exodus 33


Exodus Chapter 26

Bible Reading

Exodus-2A moving tabernacle of God.  God had them make it movable because they were not in the promised land yet.  We are God’s New Testament tabernacle that is movable.  We are walking with Christ through this world until we reach our promised land in glory.  One day we will be in the very presence of God; the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  Today we get to walk in a relationship with God having full access to God’s throne room.  How exciting it is to be God’s tabernacle/temple!  How wonderful it is to know we will make it into His glory.  You are on the move with Christ, and you can have the victory.

Exodus Chapter 25

Bible Reading

Exodus-2God wants to meet with us!  God wants us to worship Him.  Read this chapter as a gift from a loving God who desires to bring His people into a close relationship with Him.  God arranges the place of worship, and items of worship to suit Him.  Meeting with God should never be about the people but about the holy creator of all things.   God calls us to reverentially obey, and totally surrender our life to Him.  Are you willing to surrender, and follow the Lord’s directions?  Remember, through Christ’ sacrifice on the cross we have total access to the throne of God.  Remember, because of redemption we have the power of the Spirit to walk with God.  Remember, through our new birth we have killed the flesh, and have been set free from the bondage of sin.   We don’t have this Old Testament place, we are the Temple of God.  Go, and meet with God on His terms.  Break free of the Spiritual culture that wants God to worship us on our terms.