It is good to hear how the church family is reading together.  The reading of God’s […]
Jesus heals a blind man.  The man is a one chapter object lesson for the Disciples […]
GRACE, GrAce, God’s Grace, Grace that is greater than all our sins.  I type sing off […]
Verses 1-13 – Jesus waited on His time.  There is a time for everything, and we need […]
John 6 A day without God’s word is like a day without physical food.  You become spiritually […]
  God is at work, not just healing physically but teaching and healing us spiritually and […]
Are you ready for a miracle?  God does some amazing things in this chapter that should […]
We are reading the very words of God together.  Don’t lose sight that this is God […]
This is day two of our journey through the Gospel of John.   I am praying that God […]
The Gospel of John: We start with Chapter 1 which has 50 verses! But you can […]